The 5 Best Stone Island Jackets You Can Buy in 2020

Stone Island Introduction

Stone Island is a high-end apparel brand from Italy founded way back in 1982 as a sister company to C.P. Company.

Stone Island is probably a bigger brand then C.P Company now but C.P also has some very luxuriously priced clothes.

The Stone Island badge has become a trademark of Stone Island and football/soccer hooligans adore the brand, as do I.

Stone Island has a few claims to fame but I am not sure they endorse them all… like soccer hooligans.

I first heard about Stone Island through fans/hooligans wearing it at English football matches. (I have no problem with hooligans whatsoever unless they are being violent if they just want to go to a match and chant shit then I am all for that.)

Green Street Stone Island Jacket

Jax Teller before becoming Jax Teller wearing a Stone Island Coat in the movie Green Street

It is massive in England for football fans… where do they get the money to afford it?

You tell me… no seriously can you tell me?

I really want to know!

They also have some famous fans like Drake and Pep Guardiola.

Stone Island Celebrities

Like I say I am a big fan of Stone Island, but you have got to be aware of where you are wearing it if you are in Britain.

Don’t be a Southerner walking around up North with your Stone Island coat on, on matchdays… people are going to think you are here for trouble!

Right enough faffing, let’s get into my picks for the best Stone Island jacket you can purchase in 2020… if you are a baller.

5. Stone Island Brushed Nylon Jacket

Stone Island Brushed Nylon Jacket

Up in 5th place is this casual Stone Island brushed nylon jacket with double chest pockets, for when one chest pocket just isn’t enough.

Obviously you get the badge in its accustomed place on the sleeve, I mean who is buying a Stone Island item without the badge?

I sound about 5 years old when I say that.

But I also stick by it.

A full zip-up jacket which is 78% cotton and 22% polyamide and is machine washable, you don’t want to miss out on this jacket.

Find it on Flannels by clicking here.

Price when the article was posted $500 or £385.

4. Stone Island Micro Bubble Down Jacket

Stone Island Bubble Down Jacket

Make some noise when you show up anywhere in this Stone Island bubble down jacket!

It just screams baller!

Again, for me, the Stone Island badge has got to be on display.

This jacket not only looks ridiculously comfy… it is ridiculously comfy with elasticated trims throughout for a more comfortable precise feel.

The jacket also has zip-up pockets, a hood, is 100% polyamide and is machine washable.

What are you waiting for?

Oh, the price… me too 🙁

Find it on Flannels by clicking here.

Price when the article was posted $815 or £625.

3. Stone Island Crinkle Rep Bomber Jacket

Stone Island White Bomber Jacket

Now, this is a beautiful jacket.

If you want a stand out from the crowd is there a better way then a white Stone Island bomber jacket?

I don’t know if there is.

Double chested zip-up pockets, the desirable badge, and a cheeky little hood just in case…

What more could you want?

You’re asking too much!

Find it on Flannels by clicking here.

Price when the article was posted $775 or £595.

2. Stone Island Canvas Hooded Jacket

Stone Island Canvas Hooded Jacket

A classic Stone Island jacket if I have ever seen one!

And it is on the cheaper end… for a Stone Island jacket.

A perfect casual but baller look that is really comfortable with its soft-cotton lining.

Double buttoned chest pockets with engraved buttons, a drawstring hood, and the infamous Stone Island badge…

I am getting jealous just thinking about it.

Click here to check it out.

Price when the article was posted $445 or £340.

1. Stone Island Crinkle Reps NY Jacket

Stone Island Crinkle Reps NY Jacket

This is a beauty of a jacket!

I would call the Stone Island crinkle jacket the ultimate ballers casual jacket.

In fact, I challenge you to find me a better casual jacket for ballers.

This jacket has been crafted to the highest standards with a soft cotton lining for comfortable wear.

A hidden hoodie because we never know when we are going to need one and 2 zip-up pockets to make sure you don’t lose anything.

And we will obviously find the signature badge on the left arm.

Check it out on Flannels by clicking here if you are one lucky bastard.

Price when the article was posted $650 or £495.


A Stone Island jacket is not for everybody mainly because of the price.

They do make very luxurious clothes that can get a bad name in some circles because of who wears them.

But don’t be fooled, this is a luxury designer-brand and you can see that in the prices.

I will leave it on this –

Stone Island if you are reading this article I do take bribes and would love one off of you. Thanks.

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